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I see a lot of people in industry mostly consuming technical news sites, tweets, and company announcements, for what is currently viral or trending. I would rather go back to the source technical papers and documentation, and innovate from there. Did you know that some of the machine learning algorithms that are trending now, have been invented 20 years ago they are just more accessible.

Site NameDescriptionLink
BCSUK professional association for IT practitioners
IETUK professional engineering and technology body
ACMscientific and educational computing society
Computer Science
(account required)
Manchester University Computer Science Journals
CiteSeer: Scientific Literature Digital LibraryFree full-text publications
Google ScholarSearch for scholarly literature
IEEE Explore (account required)IEEE portal to publications
ACM Portal (account required)ACM portal to publications
Science Direct (account required)One of the largest online collections of published scientific
research in the world
JSTOR (account required)digital repository
DBLPDigital Bibliography & Library Project
Science Citation IndexInstitute for Scientific Information Citation Index
Inspec (account required)Major indexing database of scientific and technical literature
lanl.arXiv.orge-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics
LNCS (account required)Conference proceedings
(account required)
Conference papers on Information Retrieval
CIKM (account required)Conference papers on Knowledge Management
AI JournalsArtificial Intelligence Journals
CogPrintsElectronic archive
IR Lib ( Retrieval Library
The Collection of Computer Science BibliographiesCollection of bibliographies of scientific literature in
computer science
Microsoft publicationsMicrosoft Research Publications
US PatentsUS Patents
ScirusComprehensive scientific research tool including journal, notes, patents etc.
Computer Science BibliographiesA huge set of Bibliographies
AIIMAssociation for Information and Image Management
Google PapersGoogle Papers
IEEEInternational professional Electrical and Electronics Engineers
CSC JournalsCSC Journals
Computer Science Department of Oxford UniversityComputer Science Department of Oxford University
Twitter Publications Twitter Publications
Facebook PublicationsFacebook Publications
arXivarXiv 1m+ e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics